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 Seaholm Boys Swim and Dive Photo History

Here is the archive for all Seaholm Boys Swim and Dive photos from 2013 to 2020. There is also a history Tab holding the photos from Coach Tom Whylie’s tenure at Seaholm. The meets are organized by meet name. Within each portfolio the images are initially shown in the order the events were run; when possible (i.e., when I remembered!) a photo of the event & heat number serves as a place marker when browsing the photos. The portfolios are housed in a Google album and if you’re a Seaholm parent, swimmer, diver, or alumni you are free to download and share. Unaffiliated use is not permitted and all images are copyrighted by the photographer.

Photos from the 2019-2020 Season which was interrupted by the Coronavirus pandemic.


cover page to coach Tom Wyllie's history at Seaholm high school

Alumni Photos Tom’s 20th

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