Seaholm Girls Water Polo Photo Albums

All photos are hosted on a google photos site. You can view them and download any you wish if you’re affiliated with the team. Otherwise these are the property of Seaholm Girls Water Polo only. This page is an archive only. All new Seaholm Girl’s Water Polo is now hosted on the Seaholm Aquatics TeamUnify site located here

Past Photos

Past Photos from games and tournaments. Clicking on an image will take you to the Google+ album. You can download, print, share, and UPLOAD photos to these albums. Because the albums require the specific url (the complex string of characters in the browser address bar) they are not visible in a normal google search. You will have to share the album from this web site or by using the share options in the Google album window.







Choose videos from slider below. You can view them here or “click through” to view video on hosting website (either YouTube or Vimeo); you should be able to download any video from the hosting site – in the case of Vimeo files just click on the work “vimeo” in the lower right of video.